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Water In Oil Monitors

ZelenTech ZT100 Water In Oil Monitors are designed to detect water contamination in virtually any kind of oil or fuel. It works with diesel, heavy fuel oil, enginge lubrication oil, gear box oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil, vegetable oils and many more.

Our meters comes in where water content levels are, or can be expected to, exceed saturation levels and therefore renders Saturation Meters unusable. With a ZT-100 you can measure way beyond the saturation point of the oil. ZelenTech ZT-100 Water In Oil Monitors are excellent for monitoring lubrication and hydraulic systems in heavy machinery and ships.

  • Measurement of total water in any form no matter if dissolved , free or emulsified
  • Monitors water contamination levels for hydrocarbon products
  • Guards your rotating / moving equipment from damage due to water contamination
  • Response time 1 second
  • Low power 24 VDC
  • Temperature compensation
  • Flexible detection range
  • Detection from 0.01%
  • Water in Hydraulic Oil
  • Water in Lubrication Oil
  • Water in Vegetable Oil
  • Water in Palm Oil / CPO
  • Water in Crude Oil
  • Water in Diesel
  • Water in Hydrocarbons
  • Water in Transmission Fluid
  • Dielectric Constant Monitoring
  • Oil Purification
  • Marine Fuel Emulsion (WIFE)
  • Marine Engines
  • Marine Oil Lubrication Systems
  • Turbine Lubrication Oil (Power Plants)
  • Refineries and Petrochemical
  • General Oil Analysis Systems
  • Product Quality Check
  • Gas Condensate Monitoring
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Steel Mills (Lubrication, Quenching, Morgoil)
  • Aviation Fuel


New advanced proprietary Temperature Compensation Algorithm provided for new units. No more 2 point temp factor needed, the ZT-100 will temperature compensate automatically. Simply select your oil type in the ZelenTech ZT-100 Interface Software (HART or RS-232) and temperature compensation will work over the full temperature range, no matter the water content.


The ZelenTech ZT-100 Water Cut Meter is designed around reliable capacitance technology. We have added decades of knowledge and experience to overcome problems normally associated with capacitance probes. The ZT-100’s built in logic will compensate for the vast temperature effects in the dielectric constant of the water while recognising the much smaller effects on the dielectric constant of the oil. The ZT-100 is a loop powered Intrinsic Safe device with HART Interface. All setup can be done from a remote location using a dedicated PC interface.


Installation in bypass/fast loops or direct inline measurement from 1 inch to 48 inch 0-25% Low Range or Full Cut 0-100% Intrinsic Safe or Explosion Proof Standard or customized

Design and Integrity

The ZelenTech ZT-100 Water Cut Meters are built to strict standards.

Ability to accomodate a vast variety of Piping Specifications ensures that the meter becomes an integral part of the piping system and not a weak link. ZelenTech’s ISO9001 quality system is able to accomodate any customer requirements for documentation, material traceability and quality assurance.

Flow Conditioning

The ZT-100 Water Cut Meter can be supplied with built in Static Mixer providing a well conditioned stream both for inline measurement and sampling. Designed in accordance with standards such as API 8.2 and ISO 3171.


Stream conditioning is the key to high accuracy water cut metering. The effects of an unconditioned 2-phase stream renders the reading of any high accuracy meter very questionable. The stream through the sensor, be it direct or via a by-pass, must be representative of the full flow. Our engineers will take a look at your complete setup and provide advice and guidance so that the sensor will get a representative flow.

The ZT100, correctly installed with proper stream conditioning, can be expected to achieve the following accuracy:

  • ± 0.01% up to 5% water cut
  • ± 0.1% up to 5% and 10% water cut
  • ± 0.2% between 10% and 25% water cut
  • ± 0.5% between 25% and 50% water cut
  • ± 1% between 50% and 100% water cut

Lab Correlation

Close correlation between lab and an online meter, no matter the working principles of the meter, can only be achieved once the stream is properly conditioned and the comparing sample is taken at the same spot. Requirements of standards such as ISO3171 or API 8.2 must be followed to achieve correlation.

Customized Solutions

Our specialty is to provide complete solutions where we do not only provide you with a sensor, but also make sure that the sensor receives a representative stream. We can supply full bore spool pieces designed to have the sensor on a by-pass or directly inline.

Let us tell you more about how we can improve your results!

Water In Oil Monitor Specifications

Response time1 sec
Output4-20mA + HART
Power Supply24VDC (Loop Powered)
Power Consumption0.66W Max
Temperature (Media)+150° C (250 with High Temp Option)
Temperature (Ambient)+60° C
Ingress ProtectionIP66
Measurement Range0-25% or 0-100%
Nominal Sizes1 to 6 inch or DN25 to DN200
Material (Standard)316L
Seals and electrical insulatorsPEEK