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ZTMX Triple Action Static Mixers

The ZelenTech ZTMX Triple Action Static Mixers are all built to order. We ensure that your mixer provides an acceptable mixing/energy usage ratio. Too little mixing will not provide the result you need. Too much mixing will end up in pump-wear and increased energy usage.

ZelenTech ZTMX Static Mixers consists of an array of optimally designed mixing elements. The more elements the more mixing is produced. Each element cuts the flow into two streams with different angles that produces cross current mixing. The voids behind each element creates additional back mixing vortices so that in effect there are three stages interacting.

Number of elements needed, and with it the length of the mixer section, is a function of flow velocity and viscosity

Correctly applied, this design produces a large amount of mixing while taking very litle energy (pressure drop) from the stream.

Our static mixers are available as fully flanged spool sections or as insert mixer blades to be welded into client pipes. We have made mixers as small as 3/4 inch up to 48 inch in many configurations. We have the capability to make spool sections for low as well as high pressures in a variety of materials.

Our production facility is fully qualified for welding procedures and we can provide anything and everything found in your piping specification. Welding certifications, NDT, customized paint job or whatever it may be.

The ZTMX Triple Action Mixer can be fitted with injection ports or sampling ports as needed. Sampling Ports will be located in compliance with API 8.2 and ISO 3171 to achieve representative samples.

For accurate water content reading we can also incorporate the ZTMX mixer into our ZT-100 Watercut Meter, either as an integral part as for our S and F-Series, or as a separate spool section suitable for the new I-Series insertion meters.

With the ZelenTech ZTMX you will have no mixed feelings.

"A static mixer is a device for the continuous mixing of fluid materials. Normally the fluids to be mixed are liquid, but static mixers can also be used to mix gas streams, disperse gas into liquid or blend immiscible liquids. The energy needed for mixing comes from a loss in pressure as fluids flow through the static mixer. One design of static mixer is the plate-type mixer and the other device consists of mixer elements contained in a cylindrical (tube) or squared housing. Mixer size can vary from about 6 mm to many meters in diameter. Typical construction materials for static mixer components included stainless steel, polypropylene, Teflon, PVDF, PVC, CPVC and polyacetal."